What You Can Do in Manila’s Star Guardian Art School

Riot Games continue to expand their Star Guardian event with their newest foray: an Art School in Manila, Philippines.

Held this weekend in the Moon Rabbit Cafe & Restaurant in San Juan, the Star Guardian Art School brings to life the fantasy of a school in the Star Guardian setting. Filled with multiple art-related activities and foodstuffs, fans of the mahou shoujo-inspired skin line get to live their dreams. Here’s everything you can do inside your school for the day, before you graduate after a few hours.



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What’s a school without a cafeteria? Here’s a glimpse of the cleverly-named beverages in the Star Guardian Art School’s cafe. My personal recommendation would be the Starstruck Lemonade. It feels like making your own potion!



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Hydrodipping on its own already feels like magic, what more if it was a la Star Guardian? Give your object of choice its very own Star Guardian skin and make it 10 times more magical (and starry!)


Custom Pins

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A student at the Star Guardian Art School has to put in some muscle! Pick and choose your desired design and use the provided press to earn yourself some snazzy new Star Guardian pins. 


Personalize Your Swag Bag!

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Got yourself the stylish Star Guardian Swag Bag? Use the Art School’s heat press to place patches of your choice and make the tote bag truly your own. 


Leave A Message

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Want to leave your mark in the Art School but don’t wanna vandalize the lockers? Not to worry as there’s a dedicated wall where you can put anything (within reason, of course) you want.


Snap Your New Icon in the Photo Corner

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The photo corner may not look like much, but at just the right angle you can put yourself inside the classroom of the Star Guardians.


Cinematic Area

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Looking to just wind down but not ruin the cosmic immersion? The cinematic area will preview Star Guardian music videos and promotional trailers all-day long, so check out what Senna, Ahri, and the others are up to!


Interested in attending the Star Guardian Art School? Reservations for July 29 through 31 are open to the public through this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/star-guardian-art-school-882449 


Do’s and Don’t’s, Terms and Conditions, guidelines regarding minors, and more details about the activities are all available in the above link. This event is part of Riot Games’ global Star Guardian experience, and Joel Guzman, Riot Games PH Country Manager, says this is only the first of many in-person events in the Philippines. 


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