Darkins and Dreams descend in Wild Rift Patch 3.5

Kayn, Aatrox, and Lillia are the three new champions for the next wild rift patch

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The Darkin will crash the rift this coming November 17, two months after the last major patch with Gwen and Yone. With them comes Lillia, the dreamy doe-eyed dreamstress. League of Legends: Wild Rift’s 3.5 patch updates brings in three new champions, a new game mode, jungle changes, and new runes and items.

Coming into the Rift

  • Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, finally sets foot in Wild Rift. Prepare to see some insane healing and outrageous damage in the Baron lane when he crashes!
  • Kayn, the disciple of the shadows who wields the Darkin Scythe Rhaast, is also coming into the rift. Prepare to be assassinated by his shadow mastery, or meet your doom at the end of Rhaast’s outrage.
  • Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, trots her way into the rift! Look alive and don’t go drowsing off, or she’ll bonk your sleepy little head.


A rumble in the Jungle

Riot Games

Riot Games is making a few key changes in the jungle to remove unnecessary complexity while keeping its high impact, agency, and depth in the game.

  • NEW: Buff sharing – After a few minutes of game time, killing the Brambleback or the Sentinel will drop a temporary buff that other players can pick up by walking into the buff circle. Think of this as Ivern’s passive ability (looking at you, PC players). Evolved versions of the buff will now be removed and will be replaced by the double buff system.
  • NEW: Conservation – A new Jungler-specific buff. When playing as a jungler, you will gain “conservation” stacks over time, and killing large monsters will cash in the stacks for gold.
  • UPDATE: Smite – Challenging Smite (Red Smite) will be removed from the game due to low pick rates. Instead, the Smite upgrade system will now be based on the number of times it’s been used versus the number of monsters killed. Smite and Upgraded Smite will now deal a fixed amount of damage instead of scaling with your champion level.
  • ADJUST: Jungle Monsters – Adjustments on overall stats of jungle monsters to make clear times faster and allow for better survivability in the early phase.
  • ADJUST: Rift Herald – Increased summon and charge speeds.


Fresh runes and new merch?

A new patch means a little re-stocking of the merchant’s inventory, and a rehashing of runes. Several runes updates and some beloved League PC items make their debut in this patch.

  • NEW ITEM: Horizon Focus – Hitting an enemy champion with a skill shot from a distance or hitting crowd control abilities will apply stacks. Gain enough stacks to consume and deal bonus damage.

    Riot Games

  • NEW ITEM: Lord Dominik’s Regards – After being out of combat with champions for a few seconds, your first attack against a champ will have increased Attack Speed.

    Riot Games

  • UPDATED: Mejai’s Soulstealer – its new passive reduces the cooldown of all basic abilities after a takedown and will grant a temporary boost in Ability Power.

    Riot Games

  • UPDATED: Phase Rush rune – The bonus Slow Resistance is removed and replaced with Ability Haste and reduced cooldown timers for all your current abilities on cooldown.

    Riot Games

  • NEW RUNE: Sudden Impact – Replaces the Champion rune. Grants bonus Adaptive Penetration when you deal damage after a blink, teleport, dash, or exit stealth.

    Riot Games

Features, Wild Pass, and new skins


One for all: Wild rift game mode

Riot Games

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play with a team that’s comprised of the same champion, against a team that’s also comprised of the same champion? Neither dis we. But hey, All For One is coming to Wild Rift. Congratulations to lovers of chaos, I guess.

One for all: Wild rift game mode

Riot Games

How to play: Teams vote on a champion to play in champion select, and whoever wins will all be played by the players of the team. In the event of a tie, a random selection determines the champion.

One for all: Wild rift game mode

Riot Games


Super Villain Jhin is the new Wild Rift Wild Pass-exclusive skin!

Riot Games

What’s a superhero without his archnemesis? Diving into the rift is Super Villain Jhin! Players will get the chance to claim his Ascended skin, just like Jayce’s, from the Wild Pass Emporium.



With new patches come new drip! Enter the rift in style with these upcoming skins. From the elegant Crystal Rose skins to the punk-ish Chroma Crash skins— dress to impress friend and foe alike!

new skins for wild rift: Chroma Crash, Spirit Blossom, and Crystal Rose additions

Riot Games

Quality of life changes

The developers at Riot Games always seek to provide the best gameplay experience for their players. Here are some of the changes we’ll be expecting in the next patch:

  • Stricter penalties for AFK players. Remakes now automatically trigger in the event where it is possible.
  • A new “Avoid List” allows you to add to a list of players you don’t want to team up with. The list auto-resets every week.
  • A new way to view skins. There will now be filters to help you easily view skin lines and champion-specific skins. Completing a skin set will earn you a special title and a special effect in the champion select screen to show it off.

These are the changes and updates coming to Wild Rift in the next patch. Patch 3.5 hits the live servers on November 17.

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