TFT Set 8 Asian Cup to boast 2 million peso prize pool

The Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Asian Cup nears, featuring the top 24 players from across the region and a $40,000 (~2.21 million PHP) prize pool. The player to emerge victorious will take home $20,000 (~1.1 million PHP) and the title of Asia’s best TFT player.

The tournament is scheduled to begin on March 3rd, with matches beginning at 5:00 PM Philippine time. It will take place across three days, with the top 16 advancing to the second day and the top 8 making it to the final day. 

During the first day, the pool of 24 will be split into groups of three, each playing six rounds. Each group will be shuffled every two games to ensure fair gameplay. The second day will also follow this format. After the top 8 advance, they will be met by the familiar point-system Checkmate format, where players will compete until one of them earns 18 points and wins a round. This player will then be crowned the Asian TFT champion.

The following players will be participating:

  • CHN: Flancy, ZhanWenYu, 60second, Chuqi, Huanmie, XunGe
  • KOR: Vayne, Kangsunjong, Invention, Incheon Fist, Good Day, Cosmo
  • JPN: Coach Me, shikamemadoka, m1zono
  • OCE: Choonga, oubo, Kahdei
  • SEA: Khar1ch, VN Ozinx, Kbaobao, VN YGNamBom, SVM DVQ, ARaye

Fans can tune in on the competition on the English stream.

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