Riot to kick off TFT Esports in APAC


Featherknight charges with his troops from the Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics.

via Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that they will roll out esports tournaments for Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT). This iteration also serves as the inauguration of the Southeast Asia region in the TFT Worlds esports scene. Players from Southeast Asia may now be able to participate in the Asian Cup through the SEA Circuit.

TFT SEA Circuit

via Riot Games

There will be five different servers running for Teamfight Tactics, with two different routes provided for Southeast Asian players: Vietnam, and the combined servers for SG/ID/MY, TH, PH, MW/MO/HK.

The Vietnam Division will have two Vietnam Open Qualifiers, which will run from February 4 – 5, and February 11 – 12. The tournament will be open to 256 players, with players being split into 8 groups, playing 5 rounds each on both days. The groups will be shuffled after the first two games. The top 64 players of Day 1 will proceed to Day 2. The top 10 players of Day 2 for each of the Open Qualifier days will advance to the SEA Regional Cup. 

The four remaining regions will play in the TFT The Chosen One Cup. The tournament will run for two days and will have a total of 32 players: 3 from the TW server, 8 from the PH server, 8 from the SG/ID/MY server, and 8 from the TH server. The players will be split into 8 groups, playing 6 rounds each. The games will also be shuffled after the first two games, and the top 50% of Day 1 will proceed to Day 2. The Top 8 players of Day 2 will proceed to the SEA Regional Cup.

SEA Regional Cup

The SEA Regional cup will run from February 17 – 19 and will have a total of 32 players. The format for each day’s games are as follows:

  • Day 1 Group Stage – Players will be split into groups of 8 and play 3 rounds each. The top 3 players from each group will progress to Day 3. 4th~7th players from each group go to Day 2
  • Day 2 Losers Finals – Players will play 3 rounds each. The top 2 players will advance to Day 3
  • Day 3 Grand Finals – Players will play 5 rounds each, and the top 2 will advance to Chosen One Regional Open Qualifiers.

The players from the PH region are chosen from the top players in the server, with a few slots reserved for influencers. The games for the TFT Chosen One Cup will start on February 11, 2023. 

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