G2 CEO suspended after seen partying with Andrew Tate

G2 founder and CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez has been suspended by the organization following a controversy that blew up on Twitter. The tweet in question shows Rodriguez partying with internet celebrity and social influencer Andrew Tate. Tate is infamously known for presenting extremely misogynistic views and has amassed a large following of people sharing the same views.

The tweet blew up, with many fans of the organization expressing their disappointment towards Rodriguez and his actions. Some, however, praised Rodriguez for being able to “think for themselves in an industry filled with snakes.”

Some Twitter users have ridiculed the idea of Tate’s connection to G2’s CEO, as G2 just recently launched an all-female LoL team.

Rodriguez has since then issued an apology in the form of a Twitter thread, stating that he “failed to read this room right.”

Rodriguez changed his Twitter profile picture to that of a burning egg after the announcement of his suspension. 

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez’s official Twitter account as of September 18, 2022.

As of writing, there is no update regarding the duration of Rodriguez’s suspension. There are also no updates on who will be replacing him for the CEO position.

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